Barbara Zupančič

Director of Diversity Charter Slovenia
Barbara Zupančič is the Director of Diversity Charter Slovenia, and an experienced expert, psychologist and lecturer. Her main experience is in the field of diversity management, uncouscious bias, work integration of the most vulnerable groups.

She leads trainings for professionals and employers on the importance of an inclusive work environment and the promotion of well-being in the workplace. She has more than 20 years of experience in providing employment rehabilitation and transition counceling for young people with diverse special needs. She has contributed to a number of pan-European projects focusing on raising awareness of the importance of inclusive diversity management and developing various tools for companies committed to the principles of Diversity Charter.

Since 2012, she has been cooperating intensively with the EU Platform for Diversity Charters and co-creating european events and designing european tools for diversity management. She led many high level debates with experts, CEOs, policy experts on diversity management. For strengthen communication with the high level managers and development of supporting tools for implementation of diversity policies in the companies of the region, she led I.D.E.A.S. project, which launched 3 Diversity Charters in 2017, Slovenian, Romanian and Croatian.

Recently (2021/2022) she was coordinating international team of experts, that designed a 7 modular Workplace Inclusion Champion blended learning course. The programme brings together a wide range of stakeholders and expertise and is designed to enable signatory organisations to embed diversity on a more strategic level, taking a step forward from one-off initiatives.

Programme is now being used by 26 EU countries and their signatories of Eurpean DCs. More about the programme: