The 54th IAPCO Annual Meeting and General Assembly

28 February - 2 March 2024, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“In a world dominated by established norms and patterns, the conventional wisdom is to 'go with the flow.' It means adapting to circumstances, fitting in seamlessly, and making the most of the present. 

However, true leaders understand a nuanced perspective — rather than just going with the flow, they strive to 'be the flow.' This implies originating change, setting the pace, and becoming the living embodiment of progress.

To 'be the flow' means you are the source of momentum and direction, much like the Ljubljanica, the river in the heart of Ljubljana’s beautiful city, which has carved its own path over time.   You are not just reacting to external forces; you are the force. 

Such leaders anticipate the turns, decide the velocity, and navigate the obstacles. They are not solely driven by the external environment but by an internal compass, a vision, and an unwavering purpose.

Join us in Ljubljana and 'be the flow' with IAPCO…”

Our Local Hosts, together with the IAPCO Council and Training Academy, have prepared an inspiring and enriching programme that will stimulate minds, encourage collaboration, and inspire you to advance your personal and professional goals to drive your business growth momentum. This year we converge in Ljubljana, a special place that ignites with vibrancy and an extraordinary cultural atmosphere that promises wonderful moments to create great together. 

But what makes our Annual Meeting truly special is you – our vibrant, passionate members of the IAPCO family who bring their expertise and energy into our Annual Meetings. We invite you to invest the time and energy to join your colleagues from around the globe for an experience that will remain in your memories for a lifetime.

Why Attend?

To Shape the Future
In the dynamic meetings industry, self-interest isn't enough anymore. We must proactively champion the changes we seek, shaping smart policies and practices. Join us in our ambition to be a driving force for change and shape the industry's future. Be the flow! 

To Savour Regenerative Networking
Enjoy the fulfilling opportunity to connect with colleagues and experts, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Forge valuable connections and broaden your professional network. 
To Embark on a Journey Together
Participate in enriching experiences that empower you to evolve and excel your knowledge as a PCO. Immerse yourself in an insightful programme and be inspired by remarkable speakers. Stay aware of industry trends and developments.  
To Discover the Green Soul of Ljubljana 
Experience the allure of Slovenia's delightful and hospitable capital, radiating the relaxed ambiance of a quaint boutique retreat. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this picturesque city, constructed upon the monumental legacy of architect Jože Plečnik, renowned for his human-centred and responsible urban design.