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Building a Legacy of Hope: IAPCO 2024's Mission to Restore Joy and Learning

In early August, devastating floods and adverse weather conditions struck Slovenia, causing rivers to overflow into fields and towns, resulting in unprecedented destruction of roads and infrastructure. A month's worth of rain fell in less than a day.

Among the damaged infrastructure, 12 kindergartens, 19 primary schools, and 5 secondary educational institutions in Slovenia were affected that day - institutions crucial for the socialization of children and pillars of an educated and successful society.

One of the most severely impacted places was the Gobica kindergarten unit in Mengeš, near Ljubljana. The raging water inundated the kindergarten and the entire area within minutes. The water rose like a scene from a movie, getting higher by the minute. Firefighters came to the rescue, carrying all 22 children to safety. After the water receded, the devastation it left behind became apparent. The Gobica unit of the Mengeš kindergarten saw the destruction of the entire ground floor with classrooms, the kitchen that prepared meals for 400 children, all the appliances inside it, the laundry room, furniture, toys, and other equipment. Children and staff have been temporarily relocated and separated across alternative locations, but intensive efforts are underway to swiftly restore the operation of this unit, allowing children to return to their kindergarten, where they feel at home and safe. 

Let's join hands and provide them with toys to foster creativity and potential. Ensuring opportunities for development and education is the legacy of this year's IAPCO 2024 meeting in Ljubljana. 

Thank you for doing good!

How can you help?

We extend a heartfelt appeal for educational games, foam puzzles, construction sets, baby toys, carts, magnetic boards for playrooms, and exploration trays. Special emphasis is placed on construction sets like Linking Cubes or magnetic building sets.
  • qxif-puzzle-piece Option 1: On Site
    Visit our booth, where your purchase of verified educational toys for children and kindergartens will help replace what was lost and establish a playroom with creative possibilities. Please note that our booth, led by a trusted partner  and qualified advisors, will be manned only on Thursday 29, 2024, 09:00 - 17:00.
  • qxif-puzzle-piece Option 2: Active at home
On behalf of the children and kindergartens affected by the floods we would like to thank you most sincerely for your contribution.


IAPCO 2024 reserves the right to allocate some toys to other kindergartens affected by the August floods. The list of affected kindergartens compiled by the Ministry of Education: Kindergarten Hiša otrok Montessori svet (Celje), Kindergarten Črna na Koroškem, multiple units of the Domžale kindergarten, private kindergartens Sonček and Zarja in Kamnik, Kindergarten Komenda, Kindergarten Miškolin (Ljubljana), Kindergarten Ljutomer, Kindergarten Slovenj Gradec, Kindergarten Šentjur, Kindergarten Trzin.